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Ballistics Testing

  • Contego Research can safely fire all NIJ, UL, DoD and DoS specified test ammunition including the .50 cal.  Varied ammunition is available upon request.

Oehler Chronograph
  • Contego Research utilizes the latest chronograph equipment from Oehler Research.  The Model 36 chronograph systems and Model 57 photoelectric screens provide Contego Research with accurate bullet velocity measurements for projectiles traveling up to 15,000 fps and is compliant with ASTM E 3062 .


Indoor Facility

  • ​2,000 S.F., climate controlled lab
  • Dedicated control room where both customers and technicians can safely view and work in a space adjacent to the live fire location.
  • Our lab is also equipped with Wi-Fi for remote access and utilizes HD video for documentation of testing activities as well as the ability to view a live test while in the control room.  
Custom Plans
  • We develop and execute custom ballistic test plans for our clients using Underwriters Laboratory (UL), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), Department of State (SD - STD), NATO, ISO, and ASTM standard test elements.
High-Speed Video
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